Are you a “weirdo”?

When my daughter was in elementary school, she had this girl in her class that was quite funny at times. She had a thing for calling people weirdos, which coming from her, I don’t know if there was ever a time that it wasn’t hilarious sounding.

Anyway, recently I was thinking about “strange” people and how there are demonically strange people that can just creep people out because of their spiritual “hitchhikers” (as a lady I used to know called them), and there are people who are just weird to us because they aren’t acting like society says they are supposed to all while being non-threatening and just enjoying their lives. I got to thinking about how we are all unique, have different tastes, enjoyments, etc. We are not clones, and behind closed doors with people we trust, we can behave quite differently than we would “in public”.

One day, I was in the car and thinking about some of the, imo, ridiculously ugly houses there are out there and The Lord said to me something like “How boring would it be if all of the houses looked exactly the same?” I was like “Oh, yeah, Lord, that would be so boring, and lacking of creativity.”

We don’t have to wide openly express who we are in public as there is a big diversity of people in the world and to hold back our selves in healthy reservation sometimes can help us to navigate in this world more easily, quickly, and less dramatically. But losing who we are while we are in society completely is just not right. Maybe this is really what the “Zombie Apocalypse” is really about, people losing their uniqueness/souls in an attempt to fit in with everyone. Not everyone will like the real you but a lot of people will know if you are fake and won’t trust you because they don’t know why you aren’t being upfront with who you really are. The real you is a lot more interesting than the person you are trying to act like in public.

I enjoy hearing the testimony or life story of people that I don’t really like very much because it usually really helps me to get along with them better and to understand more why they are the way they are. Not that everyone is safe to know what goes on in our lives. Some people are straight up out to cause a war in some of our lives. I am not trying to down play that at all.

If I don’t like someone very much, sometimes I will ask The Lord to give me a prophetic word for them, or ask Him to tell me something about them that I don’t know. Both of these have helped me see people differently. And the prophetic words have given us a mutual, healthy respect for each other when I have shared them with them.

So, are you really a weirdo? Is there someone around you that you have been thinking is a weirdo and truly you have just been way too critical of their freedom to express their non-threatening personality? And those who are demonic weirdos, you can pray for them, and/or about them. Maybe they truly want to be free. You could be the key to their freedom. Ask The Lord if He has called you to help them get free. Prayer truly blessed by The Lord can bring huge amounts of goodness!

Want some prayer, or encouragement? Let me know,

Have a great day, and shine on!! 😀






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