Hi, I have a challenge…

I bring a challenge to you, today. A challenge to love yourself enough to address an issue in your life that is unhealthy or destroying you. Here are some examples:

Are you having an addiction to chemical laced soda? Did you know that regular soda is healthier than diet with aspartame? I challenge you to cut back on your soda intake. If you drink 10 per week, give up one or two, because you love yourself. When we give ourselves time to adjust to healthier behaviors instead of plunging in full force, we transition from unhealthy habits to healthy habits in a way that helps us stay the course instead of sending us into freak out mode.

Are you involved in a controlling relationship?

  1. If you are the one being controlled, I challenge you to begin to put your foot down on the control. For example, your mother insists on coming over to your house everyday and trying to run your adult life. Step up to the plate, let her know that you love her, if you do, but aren’t going to be available for a visit today. Guilt trips may start but that is part of the control cycle. You do not have to feel guilty about putting your foot down when someone is trying to prevent you from having your own life. Healthy boundaries are great for everyone to have. They help us have respectful relationships. You can ask The Lord to give you courage and wisdom to put the controller in their place. Also, you can ask Him to show you why you let people control you and how to get free from that slavery.
  2. Are you the controller and are having a hard time giving up control? It seems to me that usually people control because they were in situation(s) where things were tough and they didn’t feel like they had any control, so to prevent bad things from happening in the future, they try to control other people and situations. Some people are control maniacs and try to control as much as they can, others just try to control bits and pieces of the people and things they should let be. You can ask The Lord to show you why you desire to control and what to do about it. Also, you can ask Him to show you ahead of time that you are about to control someone or something that you shouldn’t and to help you respond the correct way.

Are you a cutter? I challenge you to get an accountability partner who will pray for you and also who you will contact each time that you want to cut. You can ask The Lord to show you who the best person is for that. Cutting seems to be about suicide, self-hatred, and/or numbing the pain that you feel inside . What happened to cause you to hate yourself or your life? What caused you pain? Please know that you can’t be replaced and your life doesn’t always have to be miserable. There is a way out. There are people who can really help. Contact me if you want, I would like to encourage you and hear your heart.

Have you turned from The Lord and want to come back but think you are too far gone for Him to want you back? I challenge you to seek His face, forgiveness, and tender love. He’s ready to touch your heart, heal you, and help you “smell the roses”, again. Today is a new day and Jesus gave His life for you. You can ask Him to show you where He has been while you have been “away from Him”.

I would love to hear your heart, encourage you, etc. My email is shinethroughme@outlook.com if you want to contact me personally. Have a great day! Shine on! šŸ˜€


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