If most people think something is great, beware…

At this day in age, one of my personal words of wisdom/warning is “If most people think something is great, beware”. For example:

  1. Lying to your children. Especially for entertainment: The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus. Why is lying to your children wrong, you might think. Because as a parent, one of our jobs is to teach our children about the world, that may mean the good, the bad, and the ugly, but that doesn’t mean that we have to teach the bad by treating them unjustly. They need to know there is someone that they can trust. Yes, we may screw up but as long as we admit when we screwed up, they might realize our intentions are not to purposely steer them wrong. Lying about the Easter bunny, etc. is intentionally steering them in the wrong direction. Make believe stories are fun as long as our children are aware that it is all just make believe and we aren’t trying to combat their discernment with more lies. How does the Easter bunny lay eggs, etc.? Lying about these things intentionally chokes out their ability to do critical thinking, reason wisely, and discern liars, etc. Why would we be so cruel? And to think about how many children get in trouble by their parents for lying when their parents are the ones who taught them how to lie. Please take time and repent to your Lord, children, etc. and take a step towards telling the truth from now on no matter how uncomfortable or just telling them that you aren’t ready to discuss a situation. Be upfront. They will probably appreciate and respect you for it one day.
  2. This brings me to another point of the masses following an unspoken rule of not admitting to those under them that they screwed up. Much of the time people realize when we screw up. Acting like we never did, doesn’t change the fact that we did and that those under our authority recognize our faults. I have a lot more respect for people who come clean, apologize, and move forward in an attempt to regain my trust and improve upon themselves. Just because someone is under our authority doesn’t mean they are idiots. We should be earning their respect by being respectful and honest. I challenge you to make things right with those under your care/authority. Be brave instead of cowardly.
  3. Television addiction. TV addicts generally don’t have much time for real live people when they are off work. They tend to not make time to minister to their children’s hearts, or speak life into their spouses. You can’t gain back all of the hours of important family time that you missed out on because your TV was more important. TV addiction in America is huge but the awesome thing is more and more people are taking back their family life. I challenge you to put your family before your TV, computer, phone, drugs, etc. I ask you to say NO to ADDICTION, and enjoy the good blessings in your life so that you don’t regret not making time for them later on in life like so many seniors do.
  4. Porn, this has been sweeping the nation. The awesome thing is that so many are starting to realize the damage of porn. People are causing physical damage to their bodies because porn addiction causes sexual addictions that rage out of control. Porn feeds and opens the door to Lust, Masturbation, Promiscuity, Adultery, Bestiality, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Homosexuality, Voyeurism, Orgies, etc. Because it is demonically inspired, it opens the doors to more demons, the more it is entertained and fed. That’s how Satanic strengthens his kingdom. This is part of the reason that The Lord warns us about these things, not to control us but to warn us of Satan’s traps. Most people don’t realize the demons that are involved in sinful behaviors. Satan seduces then tortures and imprisons his slaves. Don’t be fooled by his lure. He is a cruel task master and any thing that you are addicted to is your master. Who’s calling the shots in your life?
  5. Christians and others have a nasty habit of eating whatever they want then trying to put guilt trips on those who are trying to take care of themselves. It’s important to recognize that cancer can be prevented and that a lot of the foods sold in groceries these days cause cancer because they have toxic chemicals and gmos in them. Hence, the large amounts of “Christians” killing themselves by letting their belly be there god. I hate to say it but it’s true, this has been quite a clever plan of Satan. He has killed many good people through their ignorance, rebellion, and lack of respect for being a good steward of their bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Lord, please help us!

Anyway, just some things to think about. I hope if any of this effects you, that you are inspired to improve. I aim to improve myself, also. 😀 Shine on!!


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