A Prayer for You

Lord, right now in the name of Jesus, I ask You to bless the person reading this with Your holy presence and peace that passes all understanding. I ask you to fill them up overflowing with Your Holy Spirit and counsel them so that they can be healed and set free to glorify You. I ask You, Lord, to heal their emotions and raise their sense of awareness of You to a new level. I ask You to speak to them while they sleep and soothe their pain. I ask You to help them do Your will and help them to hear Your voice in deeper levels. Lord, I ask You to give them the answer to the most pressing question they have, tonight, if it be Your will, Lord. I ask You to heal their brain, heal their brain, heal their brain. Lord, I also ask You to deliver them from wrong patterns of thinking that have been a hindrance to them. Thank You, Lord Jesus, Yahweh, and Holy Spirit for Your goodness being manifest in their lives in awesome ways. I ask You to possess them completely and every area of them and their lives: past, present, and future! If you agree, you can say Amen, or “I agree”.

Have a great day full of His love and goodness! 😀 If  you need or want personal encouragement or prayer, please contact me @ shinethroughme@outlook.com.



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